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The name shangri-la, has been inspired by the legendary lost horizon, a mythical perfect Paradise in the mountains of Tibet,where eternal youth prevails, where radiant health reigns, where powerful creative energy makes all things possible, where the inhabitants function totally from their Higher selves, and perfect intelligence, perfect love, and perfect technology is freely available to all. Absolute peace, freedom and dignity of the human soul prevail, abundance and prosperity abound, and sorrow, disease, lack, pain and death are unheard of. A perfect, magical blissful haven cut away from the rest of the strife-torn world.....

Obeisances to Lord Buddha.when the buddha within me bows to the buddha within you, shangrila manifests.....SmileyCentral.com


My Ideal Shangri-la

My ideal Shangri-la will  exist  as does the original Shangri-la, in a remote retreat, away from the madding crowd, nestling in the hills, in the midst of lush green forests and fruit orchards...


It would house:

A New Age University

A sprawling institute of world standards for learning and practising and teaching self and others to heal mind, body, heart and soul starting with Reiki at all levels, rebirthing, quantum physics, pranic healing, hypnosis, gem and crystal healing, nutrition, aura healing, meditation techniques, naturopathy, grief counseling, yoga, constellations, spiritual healing, ayurveda, orthomolecular medicine, bachflower remedies, astrology, detox and deaddiction, Tarot reading, Buddhist chanting, psychotherapy, sound healing, angel counseling and other alternative healing therapies with talented and highly evolved teachers, and occasional visits by world renowned masters such as Deepak Chopra, William Rand, Paula Horan. This would educate  international students from all over the world in these futuristic and safe techniques with which they can heal themselves, their families, and humanity at large and earn a comfortable livelihood at the same time, or choose to further teach.others. Diplomas and degrees of internationally accepted standards would be given to graduates.

Hostel facilities

A large building for boarding and dining/cafetaria  facility for students and faculty with recreation and  informal discussion rooms and also creative activities and reading libraries with music rooms, dance-classes and all facilities surrounded by forest area housing individual cottages for staff and students, swimming pool, gym, sauna, steam and other  facilities including jogging track,  and healing wing.

Healing wing

All of the treatments taught here would also be available and provided  as treatment for short-term guests and visitors in a beautiful, serene,  natural green setting . Separate cottages would be provided in  this region for such guests.

A research centre

An expansive  research and development centre for discovering natural and total cures for diseases such as cancer, heart disease, schizophrenia, Parkinsons disease, alzheimers, leukemia allowing students and staff to try experiments leading to miracle cures, all miracle cures from all over the world would be documented with proof and published in books for posterity, combining reiki and knowledge of anatomy and body systems to create highly advanced healing procedures, developing healing water techniques using ikedas principles regarding water, and perhaps with reiki empowerment create  

A production centre:

Where thoroughly  researched and proven successful formulas using nature and reiki can be created/produced  and marketed for world-wide healing.

Non-surgical non-anaesthesia hospital

A beautiful green sunlit hospital with residential floors for patients and operation theatres for performing psychic surgery with use of specific healing methods. All doctors would be reiki–trained and reiki masters would have been taught  basic knowledge of skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, nervous systems and of organs, their functions etc  etc.  Cancer patients, those with neural diseases etc would be healed  here with natural methods, and their progress monitored with qualified competent doctors and world class machines.

Spiritual prayer-halls
A spiritual “I am” praying hall,  meditation halls, chanting hall,  Buddhist chanting hall,  hindu temple, small chapel, gurudwara, small mosque. Discussion and interpretation of holy books and their relevance in the New Age. Discussions on “One light, one god” transcending religiosity/rituals in favour of spirituality.


A special charitable mini replica for non-paying patients and hindi/other language free classes who can pay by way of service when better.

Themes and concepts

Law of attraction, natural abundance, positive speech classes, positive thoughts and visualization, positive or correct interpretation, transparent politics, clean legal systems, eradication of fear and its causes being poverty, beggars, terrorism, corruption, orphans, famine, who are we? The Divine Plan, revelations and transformations, visions, dreams occurring frequently. Where are we going? Soul healing., planetary healing, practical benefits of truth speaking, of corruption vs spiritual law, the dangers of duality and how to transcend it, only love is real, special courses.


Waiting to welcome you with open arms to

To heal and unify as a soul family “Vasudev Kutambh Parivar” as  we go towards the Golden Age in this Millenium.

All thoughts or ideas regarding this utopian Shangri-la would be received with joy and gratitude.


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